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Forwarding and Transport Law

Along with the Law on Forwarding, Freight and Storage by road, rail, water or air, the fields of forwarding and transport law also comprise the public law governing the carriage of goods by road (including fines and penal provisions) as well as damage management and processing accidents. The liability of the involved parties is to be clarified within the generally short statutory periods of limitation and preclusive time limits and is to be immediately secured by taking appropriate measures.

Furthermore, the organisation of the transport companies is to be integrated in the correct legal form and be correspondingly adapted to concessions, contract designs, consignment notes and transport documents in order to be sufficiently protected in national as well as international transport (road, air, water, multimodal) against existing hazards and risks in terms of liability, insurance and customs.

The international Transport Law is based on cross-border statutory regulations and interstate agreements (CMR, CIM, Montreal Agreement, etc.), which requires the know-how of a specialist in this field.

We advise and represent you comprehensively and competently in all fields of national and international forwarding and transport law, both out of court and in court.